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A walk in Opole.

Meet Doctor Theresa James who worked on implementing new hospital inventory system this morning and did two surgeries after lunch. Great job, Shelby!

Bruno starts boxing! nropac

California Coast around Cambria and San Simeon, Camino Real also known as Highway 1

Capture One 8 introduces black and white conversion tool. Together with the film grain tool and other creative image adjustment tools you can set your tethering tool to produce images that emulate not only the film emulsion but also the print tones. Saves me another trip to CS6 and LR + plugins, not to mention it is being applied to every single frame in real time so all I have to do is hit control D (for develop) and the file is ready to go. Photo: © Slav Zatoka, model: Bianca

Capture One 8 introduces new film grain tool and presets so now you can get that Fuji Neopan 1600 look without having to go to Photoshop/LR plugins like exposure. Here are a few samples redeveloped in CO8 using the film grain look. © Slav Zatoka. Model: Elise Asta Polasko

What’s more in CO8? Click here.

Test file developed in Capture One new engine 8. This is from one of my Vespa shoots I did with Newport Italian. It was a test fired to correct position of the beauty dish on the right. Heather keeps her pose, way to go girl! I even got the C-stand framed.

For those of who never heard of Capture One, it is a clever image processing software. It is your tether machine with same cataloging power as Lightroom but better. Also, when I shoot, it makes my workflow look like I am shooting film again. I shoot first few frames, color correct, apply LCC profile that corrects any lens flaws and cleans my dust, too. Then I spend a minute on getting the look I want, as if I am in my post processing for a moment and all the other frames will have the same profile applied to it, still leaving the digital negative untouched. Technically, the only thing left is to edit (as in contact sheet edit) the shots and mark the selects for export and I can call it a day.

Anyways, Capture One 8 is out and you should have it, too. The newer your Mac, the faster it will be. What Phase One has done this time, I understand, is improved the software’s capability of utilizing all the hardware available in your machine. So all those multi core processors and graphic cards that were so quiet before are finally put to work. 

Yes it is faster and yes you have to run at least Mavericks to be able to install it, but it is sure worth the time and $99 upgrade from CO7.

Email me if you would like download and view the full res file.

Check out the latest photo edited by #metamorphosa

Nokia Lumia aerial photography - Midwest, Chicago.

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