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These days my most patient model, Sophie. Living room snap shot at 1/4s

Healthcare. Protection solutions for healthcare products. Produced by Silverstudio.pro photography: © Slav Zatoka

First test with Phase One Flex Adapter/P30+/Rodenstock 75mm f/4.5 Grandagon-N Lens. Not the best angle as far as light is concerned: backlight but nevertheless: no complaints here. 1/4s at f11 ISO100, cropped from horizontal image. Minor contrast and color corrections in Capture One. LCC profile used to correct & control the lens/movements/dust, etc. I also took an architectural shot at maximum raise and looks perfect with some expected corner fall off. 645AF as a universal body, Toyo AX45 for catalogue, still, studio and leaf shutter mixed light and Alpa for extreme architectural angles. All that on one, Kodak sensor. Not too shabby.

Finally! I got my “old” Toyo AX45 back from SK Grimes Company. They do custom machine work and were able to attach a Toyo lens board to Phase One Flex adapter I got about 5 years ago on eBay. Apparently the adapter is a top notch machine work which allows the use of your existing 4x5 cameras and lenses. It will also let you do a clever stitching.

First test with tilt/raise show that the image circle of the Grandagon is big enough to prevent and color cast with P30+ microlenses.

Off to work!

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I don’t remember the last time I was so early to see a movie and so late with everything else in my beautiful life….hopefully, when the lights go out the magic will happen again!


Healthcare photo shoot produced by Silverstudio.pro. Photo: Slav Zatoka

3 years ago today

Sunflowers in Fukushima 

Slav Zatoka Images, LLC

Whittier Uptown

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